Monday, April 23, 2012

Split Personality Blogger

My blogging lately has been best.

And when I DO get around to blogging, the topic has been running or healthy foods more often than not.  Yet, every single time I blog about running, exercise, healthy foods, recipes, or the likes...I feel ....hmmmm....what's the word?....Self-conscious?  Self-righteous?   Inadequate?  Off topic?

My escape to running is a part of who I am.

It is a part of what makes the the mom I am and the wife I am.  Running is the escape I use to release any stress that I may have from my day of teaching kindergarten, therefore it also helps to shape me into the teacher I am.

I cannot separate my life as a runner from my life as a Mom.
The two identities belong to the same person.

I am a Mom.
And I am a runner.

And I want to record the struggles and triumphs of BOTH.

But, I have recently started feeling funny about writing about running on my Mom blog.

I have been getting lots and lots of traffic to my blog from running websites, yet I continue to get traffic from Mom websites and my fellow Mom friends.

Several times recently, I have wanted to write something about running or training struggles, yet I resisted because I figured all the Mom readers would be annoyed by yet another running post.

And then, when I wanted to write a post about the boys, I have had some hesitations because of all the traffic I have gotten from fellow runners following my posts about running.

I figured that the running readers do not care a bit about reading about the boys and the readers who are there to read about the adventures in Momhood do not care about the running posts.

Yet, I care dearly about them both.

I wanted a place where I wouldn't feel like a fool posting about the struggles and joys that accompany running.

So, I have created a separate space.

A space that I can write freely about my adventures in running, exercise, and creating healthy foods.

I welcome you to join me as I record this other part of my life.

Please follow me there if you wish.

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