Thursday, January 5, 2012

Best Kitchen Gadget in the Whole Wide Universe

 This is my favorite kitchen gadget in the whole wide universe....

If you found this blog because you are looking for some extravagant, fancy, froo-froo recipe...then look away...NOW!  Click the red X quick!  This is NOT a fancy food blog.  This is a "Busy Mom who is trying to remain sane while cooking healthy food at the same time" blog.

 I would not know how to cook anything healthy if I didn't have a steamer.  As a matter of fact, I don't know what we ate before I got my steamer several years ago.  All of my memories of cooking prior to the steamer have been erased from my memory to make room for more useful information.

 Cooking dinner at my house pretty much always involves this gadget.  If it ever quits working, I will have to immediately order a new one.  And we may starve while we wait on it to be delivered.

Cooking in this handy, dandy little tool is the easiest cooking style ever.  I honestly cannot imagine why every single household in the world doesn't have one.  All you have to do is open up a bag of frozen veggies...pour them in...and turn it on.  Or.... wash fresh veggies and put them in there and turn them on.  Then....throw a little salt and olive oil on them.   The end.  That's all. You don't even have to go back and stir them or anything.  You just turn it on and leave it until you are ready to eat.  How easy is that? 

You can also cook meat in there too.  I've done that.  And also its the easiest way to do boiled eggs.  The steam cooks them perfectly.

Oh, and also.....boiling vegetables makes all the nutrients come out in the water.  Steaming them keeps the nutrients in there so you can chomp them up.

And chomping nutrients makes us smile....

So there.  Now you know.  You will no longer live in ignorance.

I have completed my duty as your friend, family member, or.....ummmm....complete stranger who happens to read my blog. You have been informed.


Christy Soares said...

What brand name and where did you purchase this neat gadget from? Also, do you remember about how much you paid? Thanks....Christy Soares

snipsofsnailspuppydogtails said...

The brand name doesn't matter. All major stores have them. they are somewhere around 30 bucks. Well worth it!

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

I love the picture at the end! You've convinced me! We used to have a steamer, but it has been deceased for years. I like how you have compartments on yours. And I never thought to steam meat in there before.

Carole said...

My current favourite kitchen gadget is a jar key