Thursday, January 19, 2012

Fake Awarding Their Differences

  Friends of mine are often curious about the differences in my three boys personalities.  Often times, when telling a story about one of my sons, someone will stop me and ask questions like, "Is he the one that gets in trouble the most?"  or "Oh, is he the one of the three that does the best in school?"  or "Do they all act that way?"

  I completely can understand their interest. Personally, I have always found it intriguing to compare the differences in siblings.  It is so interesting to see such differences in kids who were raised in the same household by the same parents under the same circumstances.  It's really baffling at how different my sons personalities are considering they are all exposed to the same environment and are all the same gender.

  For some reason, the differences in my sons was on my mind today during my afternoon jog.  I started thinking about them and pretending.  I was pretending that I was giving out awards to them.  I was awarding them for their differences.  So, for half an hour, while I jogged, I came up with fake awards for my sons.  And each time my crazy brain came up with a different category, there was always an instant clear winner between the three.

The nominees for all the fake awards are these three silly boys....... oldest son, who is almost 13 and is in the 7th grade

Sawyer, the middle child, who just turned 9 and is in 3rd grade

Carter, the youngest of the 3, who is in first grade and is 7 years old

While I was doling out these fake awards, I realized that the child who recieves the award today, may not be the same kid who would receive it in a few months.  Their personalities are always changing as they grow.  These are some of the awards that I created in my brain for no reason whatsoever except to pass the time while I was jogging.

The awards go to.....drum roll please......

The Happiest - Carter
(Content with whatever is happening in life.  Pretty much always has been.)

The Most Compliant - Tucker
(Rule follower and tries to do what is asked of him without a fuss.)

The Funniest - Sawyer
(This kid keeps us in stitches.  I have been told that he doesn't let his humor out at school or other places, so we get it all to ourselves for now.  His sense of humor is beyond his years.)

The Loudest - Tucker
(I had his hearing tested when he was little, because I thought he couldn't hear well since he talked so loud.  He still has a megaphone mouth.)

The Most Stubborn - Sawyer
(From about age one to present.  I almost committed myself to the looney house when he was a toddler.  His way is the only way that is acceptable.  The kid has a mind of his own.)

The Toughest - Carter
(Tough as nails.  Probably out of necessity, being the youngest of 3.)

The Hungriest - Sawyer
(Constantly grazing.  He eats the entire time he is at home.  His metabolism is through the roof.)

The Calmest - Carter
(Will play quietly for hours if the need arises.  Is very laid back.)

The Most Peaceful - Tucker
(Has always been a peacemaker.  He is the referee between fusses and is good at keeping everyone playing happily.)

The Most Competetive - Sawyer
(Unbelievably so)

The Whiniest - Tucker
(Drama.  If he is sick, you would think he is dying.  If he gets hurt, you would think he is dying.)

The Slowest - Carter
(Turtle is his nickname for a reason.)

The Most Polite- Sawyer
(Always remembers to say "mam" and "sir" and "thank you".)

The Most Well Rounded - Tucker
(Self explanatory one.)

The Messiest - Carter
(His room is a disaster area.  His clothes stay scattered.  He drags out junk all over the house.)

Ok, some of these aren't really 'awards'.  It's more of a "Who's Who" list or something like that.  Anyway, I think about how different my boys are ALL the time!  It is so baffling how they can be so different, yet I love them equally.

So maybe, the next time I go jogging....I can use my time to mentally solve some sort of important global issues....but for today......It was fake awards.

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Robin @ Pink Dryer Lint said...

Did you pass out fake medals? Because THAT would be awesome. Like a family Olympic Games. ;)