Sunday, January 8, 2012

Laser Tag Loser

  Two years ago, we carried the boys to play laser tag a couple of times.  They have been wanting to go back since.  This morning, they got up and something spurred their memory again of the laser tag wonderland that was an hour drive away.  They all but got on their knees and begged for us to go play.  Since cost is always a factor, they all even volunteered to use some of their Christmas money to go play.  Carter went so far as to offer to pay 50 bucks himself for us all to play.  They were very convincing.

 Although begging rarely works at our house, Bradley and I finally gave in to their suggestion and off we went.

We arrived at the laser tag arena and paid for two games.  We even let them keep their Christmas money in their pocket.  We aren't totally heartless. Since there was only the five of us playing, we decided not to play on teams and play the "every man for himself" version. We each chose our laser tag vests and guns and was given our laser tag pseudoname.  The rest of my gang became "Supernova", "Ninja", "Cyberdog" and "Nebula".  I was dubbed "Moose" for the duration of the games. I was instantly transformed into a killer.

While I was suited up as "Moose"....... I became a loser Mom.

Moose was out for blood.  Moose did not care that she was shooting her defenseless six year old in the back of his laser vest.  Moose was thrilled to rack up points from her moody preteen who is in the throws of the most emotional part of his life.  Moose laughed victoriously when she disabled her spouses laser gun rendering him defenseless.  It did not bother Mama Moose one bit that she was raising her score at the expense of her overly competetive 9 year old.  Moose wanted to win!  Moose wanted to win at all costs.

At the end of the game, scores were blazing across the scoreboard for all to see.  Moose was the most accurate shooter in the game.  The heartless Mama Moose jabbed,
 "Ha!  In your losers!"

I am not a good Mama when I play laser tag.

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