Tuesday, December 6, 2011

They Aren't Hugging

These boys of mine love each other.
They do.
But they AIN'T hugging.

They are pretending to do this.......

My sweet boys who like to snuggle with me in my chair, who make perfect 100s on their conduct grades, and who have been taught that eating healthy and keeping a healthy body weight are good for your heart,
 aspire to be....

Sumo Wrestlers.

They even have this weird stomp...dance thing before each "round" of fighting that they do.

Apparently, this weird dance thing is legit.
I have no idea how the boys know all about Sumo Wrestling.
As far as I know, it has never once been on the television at our house.

They were having so much fun, though, that when they asked me to join them.....

I did.

I have a mean beginning stomp.... dance.... thingy.

But I STINK at the actual wrestling part.

My bertha booty was taken down by both of my squirrely sons.


Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Haha! It's good they are aiming high with their aspirations! I don't think that would be such an easy career. And I love that you joined them. You are brave! :)

Robin @ Pink Dryer Lint said...

Honestly, I love this post. And I LOVE that you jumped in and joined them.

Although I have three girls, they're all about wrestling and I somehow feel that they'd mimic this, too. (Hopefully minus stripping their shirts off, of course.)

Thanks for a fun read!