Monday, October 24, 2011

It's Just Another Manic Monday...Whoa oh..Wish It Were Sunday

  Yesterday was lovely.  Oh, so lovely.  It was Sunday. We slept a little later than normal. Went for a jog.  Went to church.  Had friends over.  Played football.  Grilled out.  Enjoyed every moment of it.

  Each new day holds the possibility of something new.  So the possibility was always there to wake up to a totally different kind of day. And it was definitely different on this manic Monday.  Much less happiness and joy.  Much greater frustration and annoyance.

  We woke up this morning and started getting dressed for "Cowboy and Cowgirl Day" at school.  Sawyer came to my bedroom and reported that his boots were now too small.  I dug and dug in the cabinet of things that the boys have outgrown and found a pair of old boots of Tucker's that would fit.  After the unscheduled digging time, we were officially now behind schedule.

  I finished getting ready when I realized I hadn't heard from Carter.  I went to his room and he was still standing there with his cowboy jeans unbuttoned, no shoes, and shirt undone.  He was crying saying, "I can't do it!"  His jeans wouldn't button because they were also too little. (The crying should have been my big clue that his day would go sour from this point forward, but I am no Sherlock Holmes.)  I searched through his closet and found some other jeans that would both fit and qualify as "Cowboy Jeans".

  We were now officially late.

  As we were finally loading the car, Tucker reported to me that his thumb really, really hurt.  He had hurt it yesterday playing on the trampoline. He told me it hurt several times yesterday, but I kept brushing him off saying, "Oh, you are all right."  I realize that my lack of compassion may cancel out any votes for "Mother of the Year".  This morning, he said, "I'm really serious.  My thumb hurts."  So, I thought I might ought to humor him and at least look at it.  I grabbed his hand just before we loaded the car for school and......*gasp* was really, really swollen...and kind of purple.  Nice.

  I quickly weighed my options.  Was it a sprain?  Should I ignore it? Could it be broken? Is it too late to call a substitute before school.  I couldn't carry him to the doctor tomorrow because it is our big "50th Day of School Celebration" in Kindergarten.  My Mom couldn't carry him because she was already at the Dr. with my Dad.  Bradley was at work.  

So... we piled into the car without a plan.  Heading to school.  Late.

 When Tucker tried to pull the seat belt to buckle it, he winced and let out a groan.  His thumb would definitely have to be checked by a doctor.  I made it to school and started immediately laying pages and plans out for a substitute.  I called and got one......score!...just before our class said the "Pledge of Allegiance".  A substitute was on the way.

  After the substitute arrived at 8:30, I left the elementary school and went to the High School to sign Tucker out of school.  We left campus and the car followed the familiar path to the pediatrician's office.  We arrived and signed in at 9:20.  Our regular doctor wasn't there, which meant we would have to see the back-up doctor.  Major negative points here.  If I had known that the back-up doctor was the only one there, we would've gone somewhere else .....anywhere else.

  After sitting in the same chair in the waiting room for THREE HOURS, we finally got called back.  I did not say 3 hours to be dramatic or to stretch the truth.  It was literally..... three....stinkin....hours.  I was ready to stab tongue depressers into my eyes to end the agony.  And that was just to get called back.  We still had to wait for the doctor in the exam room and wait for an x-ray.

  During my agonizing wait, I got a text.  From Carter's teacher. 

  Carter wasn't feeling well.  Didn't eat his lunch.  Has a headache.  And his face hurts.  He needed to be checked out of school.  Carter had been telling me that his throat hurt....and now that I think of it....he also had a runny nose.  He probably had a sinus infection.  He also needed to be seen by a doctor.

Ok, now what's my plan?  I can't leave the doctor's office.  Again, my Mom isn't available.  Bradley is at work.  I made the call to my Mom-in-Law.  Thank heavens! She was available and went to pick him up.
Carter's symptoms were described to the back-up doctor and I explained to her that the school called while I was waiting and couldn't go get him. Knowing that I had been waiting for 4 hours by this point, the doctor had mercy on me and wrote a prescription for Carter.
 We were leaving the doctors' office with the diagnosis of a sprain with inflammation and swelling.  Tucker was fitted with a brace and told to wear it until Thursday, which meant he would have to miss his basketball practice, but that was better than a break.  We would take it.

By 1:30, we were famished and irritated that we had spent our whole day at the doctor's office.  We had just enough time to go pick up Carter and his prescription and get back to get Sawyer from school.  I got back home at around 3:30....the same time I would've gotten home if I had worked.  I feel like I wasted a perfectly good day.

 I gave Carter his dose of antibiotics to try to clear up his sinus infection that was causing his headache and throat and sinus pain.  It made him gag and vomit. 

Of course it did.

The day isn't over yet, but I am hoping that what is left of my day can be salvaged.  I am hoping that the evening will take a turn for the better.

And tomorrow always holds the possibility of something new. Something better. Of course, it also holds the possiblity of something worse than today.  Yikes.

It was just another manic Monday...
whoa ah o....
I wish it were Sunday....
whoa ah o...
'Cause that's my fun day.....
whoa ah o...

Oh, sorry. Am I really singing a Cyndi Lauper song out loud?


Jack said...

Great story, although your day seemed rotten, I hope it got better. I'm thinkng the Bangles may have sang Manic Monday, but after your day it really doesn't matter! My wife and I enjoy your stories of "Life in a small town". :-)

snipsofsnailspuppydogtails said...

It's true that the Bangles sang it, but so did Cyndi Lauper. In my tired brain, I am singing her version.

Glad you are enjoying my stories, which are all 100% my true, real life.

I am happy to report that it is currently 9pm and my day has drastically improved over the course of the afternoon. My littles are snug in their bed and all is well.

Molly said...

I hope you are having a better day today! My sister taught me to say the "mommy mantra" when I'm having a bad day: 'This too shall pass.' Sometimes saying this helps; sometimes it doesn't :)