Monday, October 3, 2011

A Boy and a Ball


This afternoon, as I was loading the dishwasher, I was listening to Sawyer and Carter play.  They were in another room, so I couldn't hear exactly what they were saying.  Several times, I heard them say, "Let's pretend like...."  Carter was saying something about pretending things were invisible and that he wished there was really a such thing as "invisible dust" to turn yourself invisible.  I kept hearing Sawyer say the word "football", but wasn't sure how the football fit into what Carter was pretending. 

Then Sawyer must have realized his football was out of his sight.  I heard him say, "Oh No!  Where is it?!"

The pretending ended and a quick frenzy of looking for the football followed.  It didn't take him too long, before it was back in his hand.....tucked by his side where it stays most of the time.

Often times, parents will make statements about their children regarding their interests to other people.  They may say things like, "He just loves airplanes."  or.... "She really likes princesses."  ....or "He is really into cars."

I can't think of a word that appropriately describes Sawyer's affection for football. 

It's way beyond "like".  The word "love" is overused.  He is more than "into it".  Saying he "enjoys it" is not near strong enough a description.  Maybe passionate about it?  Obsessive?  Possibly.

Sawyer adores all things sports, but he yearns to play football.  He has talked about it for years, and he is only 8.  He can't get it off his mind.  Not a single day goes by that he doesn't mention wishing he could play. 

 Sawyer was at the pantry getting a snack.  He had not been playing football, nor was he about to.  The ball just naturally finds its way into his hands.

 We stopped bt Nannys grave Sunday to look at the flowers.  We were heading to church.  Notice the ball is in Sawyer's hand.  It's almost like an extension of his arm.

 We were in an open field at a campground here.  Most of the kids were on bikes and some were flying kites.  The ball is lying next to Sawyer.  He was just waiting for someone to agree to play with him.

Yep.  It's in the pool with him, too.

Sawyer is not lacking in intelligence.  So, he has done well in school.  He has gotten several awards over the years.  All A's, Good Conduct, Math Awards and even The esteemed "Principal's Award" that is given to only the top student.  He was proud of those, but this award was his favorite.  His 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Hammond, gave him the "We Are Marshall Award".  It was awarded for his determination and his love of all things football.  To this day, he sees it as his highest honor.  Close behind it is the 1st grade award he got.  The "Skor Candy Bar Award" for being the most athletic.

He dreams of playing college football one day and then "going pro".  I have always thought that kids who wanted to "go pro" needed a strong "back up plan".  And I know the odds of Sawyer playing pro ball are small, but I also know that there has never been a more determined kid to do it.  If anyone can do it, he can. 

Perhaps one day, years from now, I will be able to write a blog titled A Boy and a Ball Fulfilling a Dream.

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Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

How funny and amazing at the same time. It's great he's found something he's so passionate about at an early age, especially if he can still focus in school. I think determination is a huge factor in success.