Friday, October 7, 2011

Some Things, Only Girl Moms Worry About

I just logged onto Facebook to see what was happening in my little online social realm. On one of the status updates, I read the same conversation between some chicks about 20 times. I kept reading it over and over.  I never figured out what they were talking about.   The conversation went like this:

Friend #1 - "Anybody have a sizzix you wanna sell?"

Friend #2 - "What are you going to use it for? You really need to get one of the machines that does it all in one like my Pazzles."

Friend #3- "The old school one? I have one that I used once."

Huh? What?!!

I finally decided that these are the Moms of girls and they must be talking about some sort of equipment that I have absolutely no knowledge of.

So, I decided to make a list of things that I will never, ever have to worry about.  Because Moms of boys don't have to worry about certain things that are apparently a big deal to Moms of girls.

#10 - Twinkle Toes
#9 - TuTus

#8 - Flat ironing hair

#7 - Making the cheer squad

#6 - Finding swimsuits that fit right
#5 - Hello Kitty

#4 - Teen girl drama

#3 - Pageant Dresses

#2 - Gardasil vaccine

#1 - A Sizzix and a Pazzles

We aren't off the hook.  We have our own set of worries ......ummmm.... circumcision comes straight to mind.  It's just nice to think that some worries, are solely for the other gender.  And too bad for you Moms out there who have BOTH gender children.  Good luck to ya.  You've gotta worry about it ALL! 

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