Wednesday, October 19, 2011

As The Sun Set On His Last Game of the Season

As the sun set on Tucker's last football game of the season......

I realized that I wouldn't see this team standing at attention again for the Star Spangled banner for a whole year.

I realized that I wouldn't see them hover together in prayer until a new season begins next Fall.

I realized that he would no longer do warm up stretches on the field this year.

They wouldn't run through the "Victory Line" again this year to the claps and cheers of all the fans.

I realized that he wouldn't get the chance to sneer at me from the sideline again because he sees that I have my camera pointed in his direction almost the whole game.

I realized that this would be the last time he would be one of the littlest shrimps on the team and have to spend a great deal of time here on the sideline.

I realized that it would be almost a year before I would get to experience pride when he does something really great on the field.

 I realized that I wouldn't have to hold my breath and feel panicked when he is making a tackle like this.

I realized that he wouldn't be all sweaty and smell like a wet goat after the games for a whole other year.

And then I realized......

I realized....

Basketball season starts tomorrow.

And then I realized...

That about the only thing that will change is the shape of the ball and the type of field he will play on.

  He will still stretch and warm up.  He will hit the court to the cheers of the fans.  He will still be making great plays.  He will still spend some time on the There will still be a risk of injury.  He will still smell like a wet goat.  We will still be rushing from homework to practice to games, while squeezing in dinner.

I'm not feeling as nostaligic today as I was yesterday.

As the sun goes down today .... Tucker begins his first basketball practice of the season.

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