Monday, October 17, 2011

Healthy Mommyhood Is Hard

  Let me start by saying that I believe that we, as a Nation, are doing a totally C..R..A..P..P..Y (I am a Mom, I have to spell out curse words) job teaching our children how to live a healthy lifestyle.  We feed our kids processed foods because it is waaaaay easier than the fresh stuff.  We grab fat ladened fast food on our way to ball practices.  We reward our kids at birthdays and Christmas with those exercise busters known as video games.  We pile up in front of the TV for "family time". And we, in general, don't model good exercise habits.

  I am guilty of ALL of these things.  Not all the time, but definitely guilty. I have been more guilty of these things lately. I do try to keep health in mind when choosing a meal for my family, but so often, we are in a mad dash to get to the next sporting event, that we choose the fatty route. It's just easier.  There is no other word for it.

  I also try to encourage good exercise habits.  We have very strict video game rules at our house.  We sign up for every sport possible to keep the kids active and a part of a team.  And we encourage play at home.  Football, trampoline, hiking, basketball....anything.  Just play something active! This is the one part of healthy living that my boys seem to do naturally.

But lately, my own personal model has been horrendous!  My personal exercise program has been basically nonexistent.  I don't know where my motivation went over the last couple of months, but I have let every excuse in the book interfere with my personal jogging routine.  Granted, most of my excuses involve a lack of time, which is a huge hurdle for me.  But they are excuses, nonetheless.

This is going on no more, I tell ya. Times, they are a changin'.  I am back in the saddle again.  My shoes are laced and I am not going to let my kids see me be a sloth.

I must admit that part of my motivation has returned because of this.....
I did not appreciate the number I found on it Saturday morning. 

But it's more than just the number.  It's how I feel when I am committed to an exercise program. I am much more vibrant at school with my class.  I am perkier at home. I sleep more soundly at night....without the aid of tylenol pm at midnight.  My skin looks better.  I feel more beautiful....or at least not like Fatty McFat. My clothes fit better fit.  Even my guts work better for heaven's sake! Why would I ever stop running?
Because it's easier not to run.

Well, the law is laid down.  I will not take the easy route again.

I started back with my healthy choices yesterday.  I got up yesterday before church and ran 3 miles and it felt great!  We had Baked Tilapia for dinner along with baked sweet potatoes and steamed corn.  The boys gave it rave reviews and were asking for seconds.  They were thrilled to be served some of their favorite foods again.

Today, after school, I ran 2 miles. It didn't go quite as well as yesterday's run. I chose to run at school because the boys can play with the other teacher's kids while I finish my run.  My run was cut short, though. 
The track looks unassuming enough, right?

My running was cut short because of the BAZILLION gnats or flies or whatever was swarming the area.  What? Bazillion is not a real word?  Yeah right.  You run it and you will agree.  There are definitely a bazillion.  I finished with gnats all in my eyes, covering my shirt, up my nose, down my throat and all in my hair.   Again, not the easy route.  It would be much easier to go home and watch tv.

 There are other things that discourage exercise that I will have to overcome.  For instance, the correct gear.  I really need some new good running shoes.  These are currently the only shoes I have to run in.
My pinky toe can poke all the way through that hole.  There is another one just like it on the other shoe.  This is not the correct gear.

Today, as I drove home, it would have been much easier to pick up a pizza.  But, instead, I have chicken on the grill and fresh carrots and cabbage steaming.  Sawyer saw it and said, "Cabbage, my favorite!"  And Carter was equally as excited by the carrots. 

I feel good to be back on the healthy living bandwagon.  I wish I had never jumped off.  I am ready to conquer miles and miles of running.  I am ready to prepare delicious and healthy meals for my family. 

I am willing to take the time to cook healthy meals. 
To suffer through the junky shoes until I can get more.
I am willing to run through gnats, rain, or snow....well, maybe not snow.

 I am willing to do whatever it takes to experience moments like this again...
In this moment, I had just tackled a gigantic hill in a half marathon.  A hill that I really, really wanted to walk.  But didn't. 
My family was there at the top to give me a big cheer. 
At that moment, I was in love with my cheerleader family.  I loved my legs for not giving up.  I loved my lungs for hanging in there.

This was one of those amazing moments I live for. 

I want that moment again.

It will be hard, but totally worth it.

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Robin @ Pink Dryer Lint said...

Keep up the great work! I just came upon your blog and can relate to your post. Lazy is easier, but healthy is so much better -- physically, mentally, emotionally.

As a runner myself, I love that picture from your half marathon. Super motivating!