Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Look Back At Kid Shows

  Yesterday while Tucker and I were held captive in the waiting room of the pediatrician's office, we were mindlessly watching whatever cartoons were on the television.  After a while, Tucker started poking fun at some of the preschoolish shows.  I reminded him that he was little once and at one time he loved watching some of those shows. 

   I reminded Tucker how much he loved to watch the show on Disney channel that no longer comes on TV.  It was called "Stanley" and Tucker adored that show. 

No surprise that it was a show about animals.  Even as I type this, Tucker is watching a show about predators and prey on Animal Planet.
 On the show, Stanley was able to jump into his "Great Big Book of Everything".  If Stanley needed to learn about a certain animal, he would simply turn to that page in his book and jump in. 
While Tucker and I were recalling this, Tucker admitted that one day when he was little, he and his friend, Morgan, actually tried this manuever. Tucker had his own "Great Big Book of Everything" that he got for Christmas. Tucker said that he and Morgan put his book on the bed and tried to jump in.  He told me that their plan didn't end very well.

Stanley was such a great show.  The 'Littles' of the house never got to enjoy it because it was soon replaced by other shows.

Sawyer preferred "The Wiggles" over all other shows. 

  This has to have been one of the most annoying TV phases the boys went through.  I was not a huge fan of "The Wiggles", but Sawyer thought they were rock stars.  I even scored tickets to a real live Wiggles concert for him.  I know you are jealous. 

 Murray was Sawyer's favorite.  It was the guitar that gave him the edge.

Carter seemed to watch the least amount of kid shows.  Most likely because his brothers were past the kid show age and they took control of the remote most often.

Carter did  love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse when he got to choose a show for himself.

Most likely because of this moment.....

These shows have all been replaced by more "growny" shows.  Favorites in the house today are anything on Animal Planet, Wipeout, America's Funniest Videos, Hot Shot, Swamp Brothers, and anything related to football or other sports.

And just in case you are dying to know....

My favorite kid shows were....

Rainbow Bright
And Strawberry Shortcake 

Classic gems right there.

What are the shows your kids love the most?
What was your favorite show as a child?


Molly @thewaffler said...

Ditto about The Wiggles being totally annoying. My daughter is loving that show these days -- and is always singing, "play your guitar with Murray!" My favorite show growing up...I think it's a tie between I Love Lucy and The Brady Bunch.

carpet cleaning charlotte said...

I love anything on disney or nickelodeon! Nickelodeon is so different know though... oh the good ol' days!