Saturday, October 8, 2011

His 'What To Do List"

  Earlier in the week, I found out that Bradley would be off on Friday.  Like any good wife would, I made him a "To Do List" for his day off.  On the list was chores such as, fix my car brake light, mow the yard, and go pick up the camper from the repair shop. I am certain Bradley appreciated my suggestions. 

  Carter noticed his Daddy marking things off of his list.  Carter decided he needed his own list for his day off.  He called it his "What To Do List".  Here is what Carter wanted to accomplish on this lovely Saturday:

1. Play Football Awt side

 2. Do Ckores

3. Go To Prade

4. Watck Auburn

5. Love Dad

6. Love Mom

I must say that Carter was very productive today.  I am thrilled that I made it onto his list.

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