Thursday, October 20, 2011

He Doesn't See What I See

I have very well adjusted kids.  They are smart, kind, funny, have great friends, athletic, and handsome.  They aren't perfect by any means.  They each have their flaws, as all people do. And perhaps, I even see them through rose-colored glasses, as all Moms do.  But I think all 3 of my sons are pretty remarkable boys.

Unfortunately, this is the way Sawyer pictures himself...

He insists that his neck is too long and looks like a giraffe's neck.  He says his ears are huge and his feet are gigantic.  He drew this picture of himself and brought it to me.  He giggled and said, "Here, I drew a picture of me."
At first, I laughed and called him a silly boy.  But then, I wanted to make sure that he knew how much I disagreed with the portrait.  I pointed out all of the things that were wrong with it and tried my darndest to convince him that he was very handsome.  He was unphased and continues to believe he looks like some sort of Ogre.

Sawyer is my least self-confident child.  For the life of me, I cannot figure out why.  He has every reason to think he is Hot Stuff! I think he is a very good looking kid.

He has long eyelashes, a smile that will light up the room, beautiful olive skin color, and a muscular build that other boys can only dream about.

One night recently at dinner, I had the camera and pointed it toward him.  He stretched out his neck and said, "Are you trying to take a picture of my freakishly long neck?"

Which just proves that he has a great sense of humor. 

I recovered by calling him a dork. ....I know, you are probably thinking that wasn't the greatest choice of words at this point, but it's a nickname we use endearingly at our house.... I said, "No, you silly dork, I am trying to take a picture of your muscles." 

I actually don't even remember what I was truly going to take the picture of.  I think maybe the food for a recipe blog?  Anyway, after I told him that I didn't want any pictures of his NORMAL neck, he gave me some silly muscle poses.

Sawyer has been given gifts.  God chose him. He chose to bless him with outstanding athletic ability.  He gave him mathematical intelligence well beyond his years.  He has a well developed sense of humor.  He has passion for football that is beyond belief.  And although he disagrees, I think he is very handsome. Sawyer is a beautiful spirit. Unique in so many ways. 

 I hope. I so hope.  That one day this phase of insecurity will pass.  And he will see what I see.

Not this.

But this.


Anonymous said...

He definitely gets his mathmatecal genious from his dad! Was always the only one who could beat me at it in high schoo! We were voted "most dependable" our senior year because if it weren't for us, everyone would have failed advanced math! Uv ya, Bradley! ;)l

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Sounds like an amazing kid. As a non-biased observer I think he is very handsome too. And I actually do have a giraffe neck, though I'm quite proud of it. :)

Jamie Scott said...

With tears streaming down my face-- What a beautifully raw blog. You capture so perfectly the feelings a mom has for her children. How I want my kids to KNOW and believe what amazing people they really are. If only they could see through our eyes for a moment.
Sawyer is the shizzle! Just like with my Caden I wonder- How does he not KNOW that? Love that boy! love YOU! thanks for sharing :)