Monday, October 10, 2011

My Son is in Jail

As Carter was gathering up the laundry, he was carrying two baskets back to their proper places.  He quickly realized that there was an easier way to carry the baskets.  One on top of his head, of course.  That soon turned into having one basket on his top half and one on his bottom half.  The laundry chore would have to wait.  There was more important things to do.

He called out,
"I am in jail!"

I snapped a photo and went about my business doing the dishes.

But he stayed in jail.
And stayed.
and stayed.
He said that his jail cell had a mail slot.  If only he could get some mail to read while he was in jail.

So....I found a notebook and sent some little letters into his mail slot.  After all, he looked lonely in jail.

This made him a happy little jail bird.

But then, while he was held captive, I asked a few more serious questions.

Who is the prettiest girl you know?  I set him up to make my day by answering, "It's you, of course, Mom!"  But no.  He answered, "Now Won". Translation....."no one."  For a kid who always makes a perfect score on his spelling test, he sure gets sloppy with his spelling at home when he is playing.

And these serious quesions....

 The night before he was jailed, Carter had fallen asleep in my bed with me while we were talking and snuggling.  He typically doesn't go to sleep in my bed.  He had just drank a honking big drink and never went to the bathroom.  He wet all over me.  This is not typical. So I asked him, "Why did you pee on me when we were snuggling?"  He answered honestly.

Translation..."I did not know it was coming out."

My little jail bird could've stayed in jail all day long if I had spent the rest of the day sending mail.  But after a while, I was tired of sending mail to the little convict.  So I sent him one more note.

He eventually released himself from bondage and we finished our chores. 


Juan said...

"I did not know that it was coming out" haha that is really cute.

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

That's hilarious--all of it!!! You are so nice to send the jailbird notes, especially after he peed on you. :)