Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Foto Funnies

I know photo is mispelled.  The way some words are spelled in the English language get on my nerves.  The "f" sound spelled with a "ph", like in photo, is annoying.  So is the "f" sound spelled with a "gh", as in laugh.  What's up with the sound "f" having so many alternatives? 

I was in the mood for a little "pick-me up".  It's Friday.  I teach Kindergarten. Thus, the frustration with the English language. It is my job to teach 17 kids to read.  Try teaching 5 year olds all the bizarre English language rules.  I promise you will get frustrated at some point.   

What am I even saying?

Am I really writing 2 full paragraphs explaining why I spelled photo with an F?

Ahem....ok....moving on.

Fridays are always wild in Kindergarten.  I don't know why.  It was a typical Friday.  I have a major headache.  I wanted to giggle. I am grouchy.  I wanted to lighten my own mood.  So as to not be grouchy to my sons and hubby all weekend long.

So, I looked through a couple of pictures until I found a couple that made me smile. 

I figured that if they made me smile, then perhaps they could lighten your mood, too.

T.G.I.F!!!  Happy Weekend!

I have like 50 pictures almost identical to this one, because it took him for...e...ver to blow this candle out.  He couldn't get the air from his mouth to the candle.  He was making the "f" sound while he was blowing. Over and over and over.  That dang "f" sound was even causing problems at a birthday party.  Sawyer kept at it, though, until the flame was finally extinguished.  He was as determined at age 2 as he is now at age 8.

This photo actually made me laugh out loud when I found it.  I am certain that it is not as funny to you, because they are not your children.  But, Holy Mackrell!  Look at how hefty little Carter was!  I do not remember him looking  And I have no idea why we had them all in undies.  This photo is certainly proof that true "baby fat" is temporary. Carter is very slim today, and will probably be mortified when he sees this blog.  Sorry, Carter. 

And this one made me giggle, just because it reminded me how much Tucker used to get into.  I think his favorite form of entertainment was pulling stuff out of cabinets and drawers and piling it up all around him.  He isn't nearly as mischievious anymore.  And it also makes me giggle because his booty looks gigantic.  It looked like he was way overdue a diaper change.

Ahhh.....I feel so much better.

A merry heart doeth good like a medicine.
----Proverbs 17:22

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