Friday, December 14, 2012

Targeting the Innocent

When I arrived home from work today, I learned the tragic news of what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary.  I stood and stared at the television screen shocked at what I saw.  I have never been able to understand what would go through someone's mind who goes into a "shooting rampage", but this was unbelieveable.  Someone had killed children.  On purpose?!
I cannot imagine the evil that must be coursing through the veins of someone who sees a child like 
.....As a target.
I am sickened.
  I physically hurt for everyone involved. 
I can not imagine the pain they are in.
I suppose that the news infuriates me so badly because of the precious kids I spend my days with.  I walk into my kindergarten classroom every day and greet 16 smiling faces at the door.  They feel safe with me.  We are there to learn our letters, and to count, and sing, and paint pictures, and build with blocks, and dance, and laugh.  We learn to make friends and not to pick out noses and to clean up our own mess and to cut in a straight line.  We learn not to push each other, to say kind words, and to say please and thank you.  We read stories and sit criss-cross-applesauce in the floor.  We do science experiments and make Christmas ornaments and tell stories.  We have pajama days and snack time and play games.  We talk about tooth fairies and cartoons and ice-cream cones.  We play "quiet mouse" and "duck-duck goose".  We learn to write our names and celebrate birthdays with cupcakes. 
I spend my days in a world where there is no such thing as evil.  The only "bad guys" are the little boys who chase the little girls on the playground for fun.  I spend my days with kids who think "butt" is a the worst bad word of all.  In a kindergarten classroom, the worst thing that ever happens is when someone gets a bloody nose falling down outside. 
There were kindergarten kids today who were doing these very things inside a classroom in Sandy Hook Elementary when evil invaded their safe haven. They were painting or counting or reading or dancing. Suddenly, their beautiful little, innocent lives were either taken or changed forever.
I am trying not to, but I can't help but imagine how frightened their little eyes must have been.  I can just envision how horrific the whole event must have been for those babies.
I hurt for them.
I hurt for their Mommies.
I hurt for their friends.
I hurt for their teachers who were probably trying with all their might, like I would be, to protect them.
I know that HE has a greater plan.  I am praying for peace for the families and children of Sandy Hook Elementary as his plan unfolds.


Anonymous said...

This is beautiful. Thank you. We're all in mourning, as a Nation. Everyone was affected somehow.

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful. Although, I completely disagree with the end. "HE has a greater plan"? What kind of "plan" could possible involve the slaughter of innocent children, and the horrible pain and suffering of the children who lived through this nightmare, and the families that are burying their children, sisters, brothers, mothers, etc? I'm tired of people using this as a consolation to these tragedies. My heart goes out to everyone involved, either directly or non directly.

Natasha said...

Dear Anonymous, I have no answer for your question as to what kind of plan God can have to right the wrong of today. But I have faith because I have seen Him work in my own life. I know where I was, and how He took some of the most ugly things a child can live through and make that life beautiful-taking away the heartache and pain-turning it into a thing of beauty. I know this doesn't seem like 'enough', but it's all the answer I can give you. I don't understand it myself, how someone could be that...dead inside. Just please don't let this cloud your heart and mind against God and His love, and His plans.

Michael said...

Thank you Jennifer for posting, I always enjoy you blog. I like you know this was not Gods plan for the day, we can only trust in what He says, He will work good out of all things. I cannot know how He will, but just trust His promise. The Bible also says all good things come from above, this certainly was not good, so it must come elsewhere, we have an adversary, the prince of darkness, this is the disease, Jesus is the cure. Thanks again for you and your family, you mean so much to us.