Thursday, December 27, 2012

My Mom = A Cross Between Einstein and Mother Teresa

  My Mom is the most giving person I know.  She thinks of little ways to give to others constantly.  Carrying food to sick people, leaving little gifts in our cars, buying breakfast for others in secret in a fast food restaurant, baking favorite cakes, the list goes on.
   All my life, I have known that Christmas is my Mom's favorite time of the year.  Of course, it's not too hard to figure out that she loves it, she isn't trying to hide the fact.  She answers the phone with "Merry Christmas!" instead of "Hello".  She plays Christmas music, grins about secret gifts, and dances in the kitchen as she bakes. She adores Christmas. 
    It was only this Christmas that I figured out why she has such an affinity for Christmas.  I have decided that she loves Christmas so much because it is the season of giving.  During this time of year, she is surrounded by everyone who is wrapped up in the spirit of giving, and  it's like a little piece of heaven for her.  Although Mom gives to others all year, she can enjoy an entire holiday where others see the importance of giving as well.  Giving just makes her happy. 
  I found these two quotes that made me immediately think of Mom.  She honestly could've written the quotes herself.
Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile. ~ Albert Einstein
It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.  ~ Mother Teresa
I have a lot to learn from Mom. 
This upcoming year, I hope that I can learn to be more giving and loving to others. 
Although the photos don't really show Mom's love of giving... I still want to share. Here is a peek into Christmas at Mom's house this year.....
Mom always decides on a "theme" for the tables each year for our Christmas Eve family meal with my brother and sisters.  This year's theme was "Winter Wonderland" and was beautiful!

Except....this is what my kid did with the decorations.

Ready to eat the huge spread of breakfast food with my siblings.
The grandkids always gather around my Mom and Dad to sing
"Happy Birthday"
to Jesus before we open gifts.
This Christmas, I really paid closer attention to the spirit of giving.
One would think that a child raised by a lady who has the same thought processes as Einstein and Mother Teresa, would grow into a real saint.  A child who is willing to give all that she has to others.  A child who volunteers her time and who finds creative ways to show love.  Unfortunately, that isn't the case. I have been given the best example for a giving spirit possible in my Mom, yet I find myself "too busy" to be giving to others. I hope that in the upcoming year, I can find ways to show love to others and be more Mom.
"It's not enough to be busy. So are the ants.  The question is....what are we busy about?"
~Henry David Thoreau

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