Friday, December 28, 2012

Symptom Free Streak is Over....Boo.

  Sawyer has made it 20 days totally meltdown free.  Since we took sugar out, his emotional roller coaster has leveled off and he hasn't had any "episodes"......until today.

   He still hasn't had any sugar, but we got busy today and he went too long without food.  I carried the boys to spend some of their Christmas money, which two of them got enraptured with.  Carter bought a Nintendo 3DS and Sawyer is the proud owner of a .22 rifle.  They were both so excited about their new treasures.....until.....too much time passed.  Sawyer went from being giddy about using his new gun to grouchy to having a complete meltdown by the time we got home.

I hope that we make it at least another 20 days before I have to deal with this again.  Perhaps, I will eventually learn to keep a better watch on the clock when we are out and about and
FEED the BEAST every 2 hours like I am suppose to.
My score as a Mom today....F.


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