Saturday, November 12, 2011

True Treasures

  My Nanny passed away in September of this year.  She left behind an amazing legacy of love with 8 children, 20+ granchildren and even more great-grand children.  Her death was difficult for those she left behind.....but only because we will all miss her so much.  Not because we feared what she would encounter in her afterlife.  Nanny was certainly at peace with death and we all know that she is enjoying the beauty of heaven and is dancing in her new arthritis free body in the angel choir.

  We all also know that stuff isn't important.  It's not the things in life that are important, but it's the people and the experiences you share with them that are the most meaningful. 

But sometimes, the things in life can help to remind you of the people.

  Today was the estate sale for my Nanny's things.  I went to her house completely not expecting to buy much. 

  Nanny was never known to have lots of exquiste things.  She had meager resources to clothe and feed a gaggle of kids.  She lived in a modest house and never was one to splurge on unneccesary extravagances.  Nonetheless, I wanted some sort of material item that belonged to her that I could keep as a treasure.

  The boys and I began browsing through her things.  The things she left behind.

  We started in the garage, and within minutes, we had all found something we wanted.  The boys found some handmade bookmarks that they wanted to place in their Bibles.  I found a nativity set that I remembered Nanny displaying each year at Christmas.  After walking through the house, we found several more little treasures that we each wanted to keep.

I laid claim to an old apron that was possibly hand made by my great grandmother, I got Nanny's Bible that she used when I was a child, and her jewelry box. 

   I also had my eye on an antique cedar chest at Nanny's that I wanted, but decided not to buy.......although I really, really wanted it.

Shortly after arriving back at home, I felt a wave of regret wash over me for not buying the chest.  I knew that I would regret the decision forever of not buying it.  So, I told the boys to get back in the car and we went immediately back to Nanny's.  Thankfully, the chest was still there and I snatched it up.

I also grabbed three more of these precious little aprons.

Although the things I aquired from Nanny's house today are just things, I am still happy to have them.  I am happy to have these little treasures because each time I see them, I can remember the amazing example Nanny was in my life.  The fact that she showed love to matter what.  She lived a life so that others could see God's love in her.  That's the true treasure.



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MacyK said...

So glad you got the cedar chest! I was hoping it would stay in the family.

Jamie Scott said...

another blog that made me cry!!! Loved it