Thursday, November 10, 2011

I'm Dreaming Again....Travel Plans Are Sure To Follow

  Last night, after the boys were tucked snug in their beds, Bradley and I started discussing our next BIG vacation.  We had a lot to discuss.  Our last really big vacation was a year and a half ago.  We drove 2500+ miles to see Yellowstone National Park, Grand Tetons, The Badlands, and Wind Cave National Park.  It was the adventure of a lifetime.

I remembered how we were giddy with anticipation for our Yellowstone adventure for months and months prior to the trip. And how we relished in every single moment of the trip. I thought about how we were able to experience things with the boys on that trip that we will never replicate. And how for almost two years after the trip, we still talk about it or refer to it in some way at least once a week. It has been our greatest splurge of money ever!

Which reminds me... I need to blog about that trip.  We took that trip before I started blogging, but I want to remember it.
I'll add that to my "to do" list.

Where were we?  Oh yeah. 

Bradley and I were discussing our next big road trip.  We talked about lots and lots of different possibilites.
Should we go out west again, but this time hit Grand Canyon and the National Parks in that area?
Do we go toward Arches National Park? The Great Sand Dunes? Rocky Mountain? Mesa Verde?
Do we plan a trip to Washington DC?  Should we go east and try to reach Acadia National Park in Maine and pick up Boston, New York, and maybe Shenandoah National Park. Then there is Congaree and Cuyahoga Valley National Parks.

There are just so many options and so little time and money!

We fell asleep dreaming of loading the boys up in the truck, with the camper attached, to head out for our next adventure.

I have thought about it on and off all day today.
I am hungry for another adventure.


I am officially obsessed with the idea of traveling again.

We could go West and see this......

Or we could go East and see this.....

I'm pretty sure there is no wrong choice here.

Is it bedtime yet?  I'm ready to dream again.

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Jana said...

Just found your blog, and I am loving it! As a mom of three boys, and a teacher, you are just what I need! I've already laughed and cried and I don't want to stop reading, but it is late and my boys will need me tomorrow. Thanks for making my day!