Monday, November 28, 2011

We're All Waiting on The First Snowfall....

  It's only November.....not even winter yet.....but we are all peeking out the windows hoping for snow.  Hoping to wake up and see something like this......

The meteorologists predict that we will get some snow flurries over night.  It is suppose to begin in our area at around 9pm.  It is 8:59pm as I type this.  I have already peeked out the window about ten times.

You can't really explain the excitement of snow to someone who lives where snow falls frequently. 
But, when you live in an area that may get only one light 'dusting' a year, any promise of snow is exciting. 

Although we got over our fair share of snow in North Alabama last year, we still anxiously await morning to see if we will have a beautiful, white powder covering our yard tomorrow.

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A. E. said...

Snow definitely makes the season so much better. Best of luck! :)
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