Saturday, November 5, 2011

Run To The Tree

This tree is exactly one mile from my back door.  If I run from my house to the tree and back, then I have completed two miles.  This morning, I ran to this tree... three times.

Two of my friends, Ronda and Autumn, ran a half marathon this morning and I was beside myself with excitement for them.  I was excited because I remember how awesome I felt when I ran my half marathon.  I have wanted that experience again ever since then.  But my busy life allowed me to make excuses and I fell short in the training area.  I was sad not to be running with them.

I decided that I would run in a shorter distance today at a race that I have run before.  It's called The Vulcan 10k, which is 6.2 miles.  It would at least be something. It's no half marathon, but it's a distance I could handle right now while I am building back up to half marathon distance.

But that plan didn't work out either.  Bradley had to work and my duties as a Mom wouldn't allow me to trek an hour away dragging the kids with me without Bradley.

So...I just ran at home.  Which sounds lame compared to a "real race".  As it turned out....It wasn't lame at all.  It was lovely.  On my third trip to the tree, I became overwhelmed with love for the little path I have run so many times.  I am familiar with each pot hole.  I know the dangerous curves. I could run it in the dead of night with my eyes closed, but I am glad I don't have to.  I enjoy what I see on my runs to the tree and back.

I turn out my driveway and run down this little road. I rode my bike on this road as a kid. I rode the school bus down the road to arrive home in the afternoons. This is my road. It leads me out on my runs and always leads me home again.
Just after I turn off my road, I can see this boulder peeking at me. It marks the half mile point.

I pass my little church every time I run. I attend the most beautiful little country church in the world. The building is lovely, but the people.....the people inside are gorgoeus!

Just past the church, I arrive at my tree. The tree sits on the side of the road on the edge of a pasture. The owner of this tree has no idea that I have a relationship with their tree. I am so in love with it every time I see it. It always marks another completed mile.

The tree is my turnaround point. I head back toward my house and retrace my steps. This little stretch of road is one of my favorites. From this direction, it is a gentle downhill slope. Of course, I want to curse it when I am heading uphill toward the tree, because it becomes less gentle and more brutal.

I see lots of this on the roadside. I get annoyed by it. I apparently have a lot of alchohol loving neighbors who drink this flavor. Stinkin Litter Bugs!

Except for seeing the litter....I am happy when I run. I get a peacefulness over me. I can clear my head of stress. I feel refreshed.

I arrive back at my driveway, ready to turn around and run to the tree again.

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Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

What a gorgeous area you live in! And I love your church. I haven't been running lately, but one summer I used to live in the mountains and loved to go running up there.