Monday, November 21, 2011

A Girls Night Out at Twilight

 Well....actually, it wasn't really twilight, because dawn was breaking. 

Ha! I crack myself up.  If you didn't realize that was a joke, then you aren't a twilight fan and you have no idea that this past weekend was the opening weekend for Twilight...Breaking Dawn. 

So anyway......

I had a girls night out last night with some of my high school girl friends and a whole slew of other chicks. 

A girls night out is a very rare occurrence for me.  The last time I can remember leaving the boys and the hubster behind was when the first Twilight movie came out.

I may be stoned for my next comments, but here goes.  I do not think Robert Pattinson (Edward) is very cute.  And the chick who plays Bella is very emotionless.  I am annoyed at the choice of characters for the movies, therefore....I am a big fan of the Twilight books, but not as much a fan of the movies.  But even so....I had the most spectacular time last night.  It's good for the soul to spend time with your lifelong friends.
We ate and giggled and oohed and aahhhed and cheered and laughed and had the best time acting younger than we actually are.


Melinda said...

They can stone me right along beside you because I agree. I don't care for Robert or Kristin as Edward and Bella, but love the Twilight books and enjoy the movies despite those characters. Oh, and Carlisle is creepy, too.

Help Yourself Feeding Solutions said...

Interesting. Thanks.