Monday, November 14, 2011

Hiking From Home

  The boys would rather explore the outdoors than anything else in the world. And I must admit, it is right up there in my book, too.  Most of our favorite memories as a family involve some sort of outdoor exploration.  I am not anxious for this phase of their life to be over.

  This past weekend, we went on two different outdoor adventures, making it a perfect weekend.  (The first one, I am writing about here....the other one will come in another post next.)

The first adventure was only a half a mile from our house.  We live near a smallish mountain that has just been begging to be explored.  This weekend, we caved in to the begging. The mountain got explored. Bradley had to work, so the boys and I packed a picnic lunch and we headed up the mountain. 

 After we made it to the top of the smallish mountain, we stopped for a picnic lunch.  The hike to the top took only about half an hour, so we weren't hungry from the hike.  It was mostly just to enhance the experience.

After our lunch, we headed back down the mountain, but we took a more zigzag pattern looking for caves and animal burrows.

We descended the mountain and came back out onto the road.  We came off the mountain at a different point than we entered the woods.  We came out right at this sign.


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