Saturday, November 5, 2011

Small Town Shootout

  I live in a small town.  One that has only one red light.  A town where everybody knows everybody.  A little town where if you want some sort of entertainment, you must drive to another town. 

  Except today.  Today, we had our own small town shootout.  A real wild west reenactment. 

Our town has a "Historical Park" where we have some old buildings preserved and maintained.  The park is right in my small town and I have never been to it. Until today.  The park hosts a huge Civil War reenactment in the Spring.  I have never been to that either.  It's funny how we travel all over the country looking for events that portray historical significance and looking for places with natural beauty.  We travel as a family all over the place and have never taken the time to see all that our own small town has to offer.

  The Cowboy Shootout today was only attended by a few folks from our small town.  It was a small event.  Most people who live here probably didn't even know the event was taking place.  I only found out about it because Tucker was working at it to get some community service hours for his baseball team.

 But, I am glad I carried the boys.  I carried my 'Littles' and my nephew.  They had a really good time.  I am all in favor of supporting anything local.  Whether it be fruit and veggies that are locally grown or businesses that are trying to make a go of it. Or even a Cowboy Shootout at our small town Historical Park.

A big thanks to any history buffs reading this.  Especially those who work to preserve history and to those who make history come alive

Our small town is better because there are people that care about it's past.

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jniathome said...

Wish we had known about it. Glad you go to attend.