Friday, November 11, 2011

Want to Get Motivated to Throw Stuff Away?

  Today is a "No School Day", as my boys call it.  We are celebrating Veterans Day today and truly enjoying our day off.  I slept all the way to 7:15 before I was beckoned from my slumber to answer questions from my early bird offspring.  I stayed in my pajamas until 10 am.  I am still not wearing makeup.  I curled up in my favorite chair and watched past episodes of Survivor that I had recorded and never watched. The boys were playing happily downstairs. It was pure bliss.

  Until reality hit.

Sawyer got cranky because he had gone too long without food.  He erupted into an emotional breakdown. 
I had to referee an argument between Tucker and Carter over a hockey game gone wrong in the garage.
Everyone was ready for lunch and no one wanted to eat the same thing.
The dryer buzzed signaling me to retrieve it and get busy folding it.
Typical Mom life had returned.

I successfully solved all the problems at hand. And i hunkered down to get busy in front of the "Great Pile of Laundry" (said with a deep voice and an echo) ....not to be worshipped, only to be revered with it's massive size.

While tackling the laundry, I turned the telelvision to a show that fascinates me.  It's a show that gets me motivated to throw stuff away faster than any other method.  It's a show on TLC called Hoarding....Buried Alive.  You may already be familiar with it.

My house is certainly not spic and span clean. We have our own trouble keeping a super tidy house....but THIS...


I cannot imagine living like this. 

Just watching it got me motivated to get up from my laundry pile and find SOMETHING to throw away. 
Poor Carter got the target of my sudden passion with purging.
I carried him with me to his room and we completely filled up a garbage bag with things I considered trash. 

If you are feeling less than motivated to clear out some stuff in your house....I encourage you to change the channel on your telelvision and watch the show.

It's outrageously motivating.

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