Friday, November 25, 2011

All They Want For Christmas Is.....

Today is Black Friday. 

Black Friday holds years and years of hilarious and fun memories with my Mom and sisters.  We go together every year.  We go to the same town, the same stores, and eat lunch in the same restaurant.  By the end of the day each year, we have Mom's van packed to the ceiling with Christmas gifts.

Three of the four of us do not like to shop.  At all.
I would even say I loathe it.
But on this day.....this Black Friday....
....and ONLY this day....

I LOVE it!

I love laughing with them.  I love when one of us finds a good deal that we know someone on our list will love.  I love the thrill of scratching someone's name off the list because their gift has been bought.

This is just a teeny part of my list. I am happy that lots of names are already scratched.

I love spending the day with them.  I love every minute of it.

Although I was able to conquer a large portion of my list already,
I still have all of this to go......
The boys lists have no scratches.

And they have a BIG list.

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