Monday, November 7, 2011

Failed Family Photos

  I have had this little stack of photos lying by the computer waiting to have time to scan them in and share them with you. Tonight is the night.

  I found these photos and can remember when each one of them were taken.  At the moment the camera shutter opened and closed, the moment was chaotic and frustrating.  But as time passes, the chaotic and frustrating moments are strangely remembered as humorous.  The moment in time that once caused such utter irritation, later becomes a funny story to tell.  The moment becomes something you can laugh at with everyone that was involved.

  Here are some moments that were intended to be lovely family photos...

 ....but were turned into moments of chaos....

....and are remembered with moments of laughter.

It's good to know that as time passes, memories of difficult moments somehow seem less difficult.  It's good to know that these moments of tears are quickly turned to moments of laughter.  It's good to know that when a challenging situation arises, it will most likely pass and be forgotten.  It's good to know that although our family has moments of failure, we have many more moments of joy. 

It's good to know that the boys only had these moments a small portion of the time, or else I would have been forced to kick them to the curb.

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Brandi Coccellato said...

I love the one where Arianna, Caden, and Carter are all crying lol