Tuesday, October 4, 2011


  I ran across a pair of photos this past weekend.  I sat and relived the moment they were taken.

I had taken the boys to a park a few miles up the road to take some photos of them for Spring.  The flowers were in bloom.  The birds were buzzing.  The butterflies were flitting around. 

 I took bunches of pictures of the boys that day.  Almost all of them were posed and I don't even recall what they looked like.  I tried to remember where the photos would even be, but if you will remember from an earlier post, my organizational skills are atrocious with photos.

We walked around from one lovely spot to the next for me to get my fill of Spring photos.  I was the Mama duck and my little ducklings were tagging along behind me....probably hating every minute of the photos.

Then I heard Tucker call out to his brothers.

"C'mere...I caught it!  It's a butterfly!"

The 'littles' stopped in their tracks and waited to see what was captured in Tucker's hands.

"You have to watch close, because when I open my hands, it will fly away."

We went to the park this day for me to get Spring photos of the boys.  I posed them in all kinds of ways, but the only moment I can recall from that day is this one.  When looking back on photos, my favorites are almost always the moments captured impromptu.

I am thankful I captured it.

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