Thursday, October 6, 2011

Boys Play Dress-Up, Too

  Boys play dress-up, too.  Normal boys.  The kind of boys that play tackle and catch snakes and obsess about football.  The kind of boy that hates pink and Barbies and makeup. 
My boys.

  This is something that I did not know about boys. 

If I had given birth to girls, I would have already known to expect dress-up.  After all, I was a little girl once.  I dressed up.

Now, before you get all judgemental about the boyness of my boys, let me clarify.

My boys dress up in boy stuff.  Football players, Super heroes, Cowboys, and such as that. I do not have cross dressers. (No offense to cross dressing kid dudes, they just belong to someone else's Mama.)

My boys feel the need to get in character before they play something.  

This is what Carter slept in last night (minus the helmet), because they had been playing football earlier.
And if you play gotta wear a football uniform, of course.

All the dressing up bit started when Tucker was teensy.  I first remember him dressing up as The Crocodile Hunter when he was less than 2 years old.  He adored that show!  Every time it would come on, he would run put on anything he could find that was khaki colored. 
 He even used all of his souvenir money at Disney World a couple of years later to buy a safari outfit because he thought it looked just like the Croc Hunter's.

And it didn't stop there.  The passion for dressing up continued. 

And it multipied by three.

Pirates have always been a dress-up favorite at our house because of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.  The boys love those movies!

Thankfully, my boys look to military men as heroes, so they like to dress as "Army Guys".

Sometimes, they don't dress as anything specific.  I guess Sawyer was "Blue Dude".

Star Wars characters are always popular with my boys.  I especially love this little crooked smiled Darth Vadar.  He is the opposite of evil.

All the boys loved to help me in the kitchen when they were around the ages of 2-4, but sadly, that is one of those things that didn't stick around.  Now, they just buzz to the table when the food is ready.

 The boys and some of their friends were having some sort of Super Hero adventure at the creek.

 The number one dress up outfit at our house is a football one.  And Auburn football at that.

 Sawyer was pretending to be Davy Crockett.  He was defending his fort.

 If we don't actually have the costume for the character the boys are wanting the dress up as, they just make it up.  I think maybe this was a Power Ranger?

 Sawyer and his buds dressed up at a sleepover.  Yes, boys have those, too.

Mr. Incredible....I think we own every single Super Hero costume ever created.

 Loving to dress up starts young.  This teensy pajama wearing Spiderbaby was still in a diaper.

 Cowboys and Indians....both cool to boys.

 Dress up days are coming to an end.  They already have for Tucker.  And Sawyer pretty much only dresses up as a football player these days. Carter still gets in costume, but his dress up days numbered.

 Playing dress-up is one of those things that is still a part of our every day life.
 For now.
 But one day. 
A day not far enough away.
 I will only be able to look back on the photos and remember when my boys used to play dress-up.


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Anonymous said...

Your post made me smile & cry. I have 2 boys of my own (4 & 2) and they LOVE to play dress up! I too had no idea that boys dressed up until I had my own. Dressing up in super hero costumes & playing good guy vs. bad guy is a daily occurrence in my home. My oldest is very into Spiderman right now & has taken to layering his clothes (including underwear & socks) so that he can wear as many Spidey things as possible. Boys are such a blessing!