Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I Won an Award...Oh yeah...Uh Huh...Happy Dance...

    Blogging has become my creative outlet.  My diary.  My family history book in progress.  My way to reach out to my friends and family.  A few months ago, I never really thought about this silly little blog being read by so many other people.  I was basically writing it to preserve my memories of my little guys, who are very quickly becoming not so little.
  But the more I blogged, the more people came to read.  The more people read, the more I wanted to write.  It has become a, hopefully, neverending cycle of write and read.  With an occassional comment and follower thrown in for extra happiness.
  Since I decided to commit to write something...anything...on my blog everyday, it has really grown.  Only two months ago, the only "follower" of my blog was me.  I followed myself.  No one else followed me.  Sad.  And I had maybe one comment...ever.  But since I started nourishing my little blog with new entries every day, people became interested.  It's kind of baffling really, that people would be interested in what I say.    Not hordes of people by any means, nevertheless, people are reading it.  My little blog has a few more followers now and occasionally I get comments.  I have climbed up the rankings on Top Mommy Bloggers, which I am proud of.  But in general, my blog is still tiny....comparatively to other bloggers. 
  But people are reading.  And I am getting extrodinarily sweet feedback from my friends in real life and occasionally from strangers who visit my blog.  People are telling me that they can relate to the things that happen in my life.  Some say that when I post something funny that it "just made their day".  Or that they have cooked a recipe that I shared.  Some of the feedback I got yesterday on a post was this...

"Girl, you are such an inspiration to me! I so needed this today.  Keep writing..... God is using you!!!"

What?!  My little blog?  That is such a huge statement.  I never dreamed that writing about little snippets of my life would be encouraging to others. It's just another big bonus to the whole blogging thing.  Or perhaps it was the whole purpose to start with.

So anyway.....

  I was contacted by another blogger, a lady that I have never met.  She informed me that she had found my blog and picked me for the "Versatile Blogger Award." 
I think this type of award goes around occassionally in the "Blogging World" kind of like a game.  But...whatever...she picked me.  And I was honored.  The lady that picked me has a really cute blog.  I just adore the title of it.  It's called Where The Piggy Toes Go.  Check out her blog sometime.  She's is really cute and has cute kids.  Also, she is a teacher...like me!

So, of course, I chose to accept the award.  The award comes with rules for me to follow. 

Therefore, if you receive this award from me and you choose to accept it, these rules are for you too…

1. Thank the person who awarded it to you, by linking back to them in your post. (click underlined blog above to check out her blog)

2. Share 7 things about yourself in the post.

3. Pass this award along to 10 recently discovered blogs (contact the owners to let them know too!)

Rule #1...Thank the person. No problem!  It's handled.

Rule #2 .....Share 7 things about me.  No biggie. Read here for the things about me....   Little Truths About Me

Rule #3 ..... Nominating 10 other bloggers.  This rule is much, much harder.  The reason it is hard is because there are TONS of totally awesome blogs out there.  Narrowing it down to my recently found favorite 10 is tough. 

But here it goes.  These are some of my new favorite blogs to read.....it absolutely no order.  Drum roll please........

(play drum roll soundtrack in your brain)

So.....yay!  I am happy to have been chosen for this award.  And congrats to the 10 of you listed above for having a rockin' blog! 


Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Congratulations on your well-deserved award and thank you! I'm really enjoying getting to know you. I can relate to you. I also love baths and never turn down ice cream--impossible. :)

Krystle Wuethrich said...

Thank you so much for listing my blog in your top 10! Like you said it is great to know people out there are enjoying what you write about! :)

Katrina said...

Hey there! Congratulations on this award! And thank you for passing it on to me! I'm very flattered. I will work on my "acceptance post" this week and will have it up soon. Like you said, there are so many wonderful blogs out there and it will take me some time to choose my top 10 !

I'm so happy to read that your blog is getting read more and more. It's a neat feeling, isn't it? Do you know that when I started out blogging, I was so ignorant that I thought my "blog" was just some kind of an online diary. I had no idea that people could read it besides me! So you can imagine my surprise when one day I got a random comment on one of my posts from someone I didn't even know! I was like, WHAT? People can read what I write?!! Luckily I was only writing about my kids and not anything really personal, LOL. It was at that time that I did some looking around myself and discovered the blogging world. I really had no idea! That was back in 2007, and from then on out, I was hooked! My blog isn't too popular, but I seem to get more and more readers each month. I still don't get too many comments, but I know people are reading :)

Again, congrats on your award, and thank you for listing me in your top 10!!

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