Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Boys' Most Favorite Way to Spend an Afternoon

If we asked the boys how they wanted to spend their Sunday afternoon, this is the way they would chose to spend it.....
 Playing a football game in our "Redneck Sports Complex".

This section of pasture in front of our house gets lots and lots of playing time.  We play baseball here.  We have used it for soccer.  The boys practice throwing javelin on this field.  We have run races and jumped hurdles, but their favorite is playing football.  And we could still put cattle back here if the need arises.  It's a very versatile piece of property.

  We invited these friends over for an afternoon of football and grilling.  Our friends, The Timmermans, have 4 boys and we have 3.  The ages of the boys span from 3 years to 12 years.  A couple of them have matched up together as "best friends".  They get along very well.  So, the boys knew that The Timmerman's coming over for football would be the highlight of their week.  The boys have known they were coming over for a couple of days.  They have been beside themselves with anticipation.

  They even went so far as to draw out plays for our family to run to assure a big victory over our friends.

Unfortunately for the boys, I didn't agree to a "pregame practice" so that we could practice our plays.  I told them that we would just have to wing it.  I didn't want to admit to them that I didn't understand any of the plays they had drawn up.  My plan was basically to avoid falling down and try to keep from peeing on myself. 

Our family beat the snot out of the Timmerman family...77 to 56....suckers!  Oh, sorry....I mean....whose keeping score, right? After the game, we let the boys prepare their own shish kebobs.  While the food was on the grill, the boys took off to the trampoline and the adults got to enjoy some grown-up friend time.

 The boys so enjoyed their evening playing football in a pasture.  I don't think we could've spent any amount of money on any other fancy entertainment and them like it any better.  Kids are happiest when they just get to play.  And if you play with them, it's just an added bonus.  It was our most favorite way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

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