Friday, October 28, 2011

Frightful Report Card

Today was report card day at my kids schools.  I usually keep a pretty good check on the boys grades, so I rarely have any surprises.  I wasn't expecting anything out of the ordinary today.  I have high expectations for the boys in school and don't really cut them much slack.  But only because they are totally capable of high grades.  So far, between all the boys, they have been given a total of 47 report cards.  The lowest grade ever on any of their report cards was a 95.  We try to keep the grades 97 or higher. 
I am certain that many of you reading this right now are thinking negative thoughts about me.  That I am too strict.  Too unrealisitic.  Too mean.  Maybe you are right.  But hopefully, I am right and the boys will grow up with high expectations for themselves, too.

So, today was the big report card day.
Tucker's high school day ends a few minutes before the elementary school where I teach.  At the end of the day today, I was walking my class to the bus still fully in teacher mode, when Tucker approached. 

With a solemn face, he handed me this report card.

I glanced at it and immediately saw the B in reading glaring back at me. 
My mothering instinct kicked in and I fell out of teacher mode in an instant and went full into Mom mode.

"You got a B!!!  What happened here!"

My mood was instantly knocked down from Friday afternoon elatation to bad grade sourpus.  I couldn't believe this happened and I didn't see it coming.  No warning at all.  The only grades that he had reported to me were perfect 100's in Reading.

Tucker knows me so well.
He knew I would take the bait and freak out.
A smile slid across his face as he turned to the second page of his report card.

The teacher had made a teensy mistake.  His grade was actually a 100 instead of an 85.  And he enjoyed every second of making me sweat over it.

That was not nice of him.

How dare he play a joke on me.  The little twirp.
My blood pressure returned to normal and the panic stricken look on my face went away.
My demeaner changed immediately back to the happy teacher who was putting her kids on the bus on a Friday afternoon.

To top off the happiness.....
The little boys brought home good report cards, too.

The frightful report card may be the scariest thing I will see this whole Halloween weekend.


Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Lol! I love that he tried to trick you! Congrats on the great report cards. :)

Fast Food Free Mama said...

We have high expectations as well and talk with teachers frequently to make sure all is going well and what needs to be changed to improve our son's scores...Yay for great report cards!!! It's such a relief to know you're doing something right in this crazy world, right?!