Monday, December 19, 2011

Forget the Sugarplums....Visions of Peppermint Bark Dance in My Head!

This recipe from heaven was inspired from another recipe on Pinterest.  I was looking for something yummy to make and I stumbled upon a set of recipes on Pinterest.  The first recipe I found was a peanut butter bark.  I made that one, too and it turned out to be Deee.....Lish!  As a matter of fact, Bradley liked it better than the mint one.

Basically, you can create all sorts of bark recipes with these basic rules....

You need something melted on the bottom.
You need something with texture in the middle.
Then, you need something different melted and poured on the top.

Here is what you need for the super, fabulous Peppermint Bark recipe....

First, you need to melt the chocolate mint chips. (You could also use Andes mints here)

Pour this minty, chocolate goodness into the bottom of an 13 x 9 dish.  I sprayed my dish with nonstick spray first.  I have no idea if you need to do this or not.  I never really read the other recipe, I just looked at the pictures.  I don't recall nonstick spray being used, but I did it anyway.  You can live dangerously and try it without the spray.

Next, you need the layer with texture.  I had planned on using chocolate graham crackers here, but the store was out, so I used chocolate animal crackers.  They worked just fine.

This is a good time to work out your frustrations.  Get you a wooden spoon and put those little animals in a baggie and pound the life outta them. 

Sprinkle the animal the soft bed of minty chocolate goodness.

You should probably get a manicure if you plan to take a photo of your hand while you are doing this step.  I forgot that part.

Now, just melt the peppermint chips.

Pour this on top of the first two layers.

After that, I didn't like the way it was just solid pink, so I melted one little square of White Chocolate Almond Bark and drizzled it over the pink mint, just to add some lovely contrast.

Pop the dish into the freezer to help it set.

Take it out whenever you finish your laundry or vacuuming the floor.

Let it sit out at room temperature for a few minutes before you try to break it up in pieces.  You can go fold the clothes or make the beds.

Take a butter knife or a metal 'pancake turner thingy' and with all your strength, poke it down into the bark.  You gotta use some muscle to get a crack started.  After that, it will break apart into little pieces of minty deliciousness.

Too bad the first batch is all gone.  This photo is making me salivate.


A. E. said...

Mmmmm . . .That looks so good!
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Movie Group 1994 said...

That looks fabulous. Way to simultaneously pound out your frustrations AND create a tasty treat for your family.

You should launch a food/exercise blog. "The reduces stress with dynamic movement AND gets dinner on the table!"