Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wedgie War

Nothing riles my sons up more than to be given a wedgie by one of their brothers.  During a scuffle, if someone resorts to wedgies, the war escalates to a new....more evil... level quickly.

Teeth are bared.

They groan and growl.

And the scrapping continues until the wedgie is reciprocated.

Today's wedgie war was taken to a new level.  It was partly because Tucker had one of his friends over....and the more boys get involved....the more rowdy the scrapping becomes. 

If the boys had not been laughing throughout this wedgie war, I would have been certain that medical care would be needed after each wedgie was inflicted.  I am talking about some serious undies hanging out the back of their pants!  I could even hear the fabric stretching against the tugs. 

I was wincing after each successful wedgie attack.  It looked so darn painful!

It was all I could do to stay out of it as the adult in charge, but sometimes, it's best to just let the war proceed.

Boys must have some rough housing.  They gotta have a bit of scrapping with each other.  Boys thrive on beating the heck outta each other.....and then slapping each other on the back in celebration of a well laid punch.

They are different than girls.  Girls use hateful words and then hold a grudge.....for like 10 years. 
Boys knock the crap out of their friends and then help them up. 

My boys are still young enough that they don't punch.  They don't do any real physical harm to one another.  But... they stand their ground.  And they get revenge. 

Even if it is just by way of a wedgie.

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Lisa W. said...

So funny! I have three girls, and you are right - they hurt each other with words and rarely get physical, but I'm not sure which method is worse - the drama or the beating! :)