Monday, December 12, 2011

Why Can't They Just Smile and Be Normal??

  I wanted to get some nice pictures of the boys for Christmas cards.  After a bit of a war, I convinced Sawyer to put on jeans instead of his favorite "slicky" pants, made Tucker change into a navy shirt, and encouraged Carter to take off his tie.  They boys were dressed somewhat coordinated.

  We stopped by a gorgeous waterfall near our house for the photo session that I promised would be short....if they all cooperated. 

But, instead of cooperation, I got this......

Two acceptable faces, and so much.

And then the roles reversed.

And then I got this lovely shot.....

I get Tucker talking out of the side of his mouth saying,
 "Smile normal, or we will be here all day."

And then Tucker took matters into his own hands, when his brothers didn't cooperate.

In the end, it was Tucker's strategy that worked.
After the heads were banged together, I got all 3 boys smiling at the same time.

Whatever works.

1 comment:

A. E. said...

Looks great! I hated family photo sessions growing up, they took F.O.R.E.V.E.R. :)
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