Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Santa's Village With No More Magic

The boys and I trekked about an hour north from our house to visit Santa's Village this weekend.  I knew that if we were ever going to go to Santa's Village again, that I better carry the boys this year.  The boys have gotten so much older that the idea of Santa has kind of lost the "magic".  To me, the prime age for the magic of Santa is around age 5.  Even the smallest things are discovered with such wide eyed amazement at that age.  My boys are almost 13, 9, and 7.  They have passed the magical stage.

  Thankfully, I have children who do not want to break my heart. So, despite their lack of wide-eyed amazement, they participated in all the Santa's Village activites.

 They dutifully posed for all the pictures I wanted. 

They decorated the cookies.

They played with the toys in "Santa's Workshop".

They all made the little Christmas tree ornament craft.

And they even played in the fake snow...... well actually, Tucker drew the line at the fake snow.

The boys had a good time, but when we walked around the compact little village and Sawyer said, "Is this all of it?".......... I knew the magic of it was gone.

Even though I know that we will never make the drive to Santa's Village again, I'm not really bummed about it. 

There is still magic all around us.  I still see wide-eyed amazement over other things.

The magic now comes when one of the boys make an amazing play in sports.
Or, when we come to an overlook on a hike that is beautiful beyond words.
There is magic in the moments when one of the boys does something really kind for the other one.
There is magic in their smiles.

Our life is full of magic moments....

...They just no longer involve the North Pole.

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