Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Best Bedroom for the Birthday Boy

We built and moved into our current house when Tucker was starting 2nd grade, Sawyer was 18 months, and Carter was only a couple of weeks from birth.  When we decorated the boys rooms when we moved in, we knew that the boys rooms would have to be updated as they got older. Sawyer's room was designed with a cute little pastel quilt with airplanes, motorcycles, and firetrucks. We had airplanes hanging from the ceiling. That was 7 years ago.  It was time for a redo.

If you are new to my blog, you may not understand how passionate Sawyer is about football.  He is about as obsessed as a kid can get.  He is never more than an arm's length away from his football.  You can read more about the little football fanatic if you'd like in an earlier post called "A Boy and a Ball".

Sawyer really, really, really wanted his room redecorated.  The airplanes and cars and stuff never really matched his personality at all.  So, for his 9th birthday.....that is coming up this Friday.....we told him that we would redo his room.  He was totally pumped about the idea.

He knew we were planning to focus on football...obviously....but he didn't know what it would look like.  So.....when it arrived, we closed the door and set it up and surprised him. 

He was thrilled with the choices....to say the least.

He was so happy about his room that he actually laid down on his bed and hugged it.

He is a seriously happy camper.

We built a set of "football lockers" for him with a place to hang his jerseys and shoulder pads, and a bench storage to put some of his regular clothes in.  The locker is his favorite part.

I can't imagine giving him anything in the world that he would've liked any better for his birthday.

This is the best bedroom ever for our birthday boy!


Kim said...

LOVE the lockers! What a great boys room! Thanks for the follow, returning the favor. Love your blog, I will definitely be back!

Anonymous said...

Where did you find the airplanes you hung from the ceiling? The design firm I work for is working on a youth ministry center and are looking for that exact thing.

Contact me: Molly@fluffyourstuff.com

Anonymous said...

I'm looking for hanging airplanes too! I'd love to know where you got yours. Thanks! The football room is awesome.

Jennifer Heptinstall said...


The airplanes came from Hobby Lobby, but they were originally bought about 6 years ago. I doubt they still carry the same ones, but maybe they have something similar.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I would love to know where you ordered the Football bedding. I've not seen anything like it and would love it for my pre-teen, who has a football themed room. He has the same football mural and loves it as well as his friends.


Karyn Franz said...

Wow, great job! I love the lockers and the huge print above the bed.

Anonymous said...

I would also like to know where the bedding came from. I love it!

Jennifer Heptinstall said...

I ordered the football bedding off Amazon. There were several different companies that carried the same bedding. I just searched "Football Bedding" and it came right up. I believe the pattern was called "PhotoReal Football". or something similar to that.

Anonymous said...

Where did you get the mural over the bed? I'm redoing my sons room right now, and was going to make some type of floating head board, that would be so awesome on his wall!!

Natasha said...

I'd also love to know where you found the mural.

Alysha Diaz said...

Such a cool mural! Where did you find that?? Would like awesome in my son's room as well. Is it possible to find online or did you get it from an actual store?

Jennifer Heptinstall said...

The mural came from Pottery Barn Teen.

Cassandra Howey said...

the comforter is from jcp!