Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Rockin' the Airbrush

This week as I was 'decluttering' my bedroom....I came across a treasure. 
 It's practically an antique.

A t-shirt from back in the day.

An airbrushed t-shirt, nonetheless.

The best part is that Bradley had a matching one.

I remember our thought process when we bought them.  I was probably 16 and Bradley was 17.  We were with a group at Six Flags in Georgia.  We saw the airbrush booth and I insisted that we get matching t-shirts.

I remember saying....

"Let's get a cool design so we won't look like dorks."

Matching, couple's airbrush t-shirt.....

Not dorky at all.

1 comment:

MSS said...

I would call that a lot of awesome! At least you are still with the subject of said airbrush t-shirt.....