Saturday, September 10, 2011

Blogging has not made me rich

   I just thought I would throw that out there.

   When I started blogging a couple of years ago, I didn't realize that people were making money off of blogging.  To me, it is just an updated way to keep a diary.   A very public diary.  After reading some other blogs and learning more about it, I realized that some people make decent money from blogging.  One Mom wrote on her own blog that "Blogging is kind of like a supplemental income, like Tupperware parties were back in the day."  I would have a hard time supplementing my income with what I have made so far blogging.

   I have recently learned that you get money from the little ads that are on the sides of your posts and sometimes under them. 

   Those over there. ------------------------------------------>
   When someone clicks on those ads, the company pays the blogger.  It's kind of like a "refer a friend" program.  Just for kicks, today I checked my payment account section thingy (obviously, not the correct terminology).  I learned that my account is sitting there with money in it.  Just waiting for me to get it.  Do you know how much money I have made so far?  Buckle up for this!   83 cents.  It comes from someone who clicked one of the ads.  If I knew who clicked it, I would send a thank you card.  When I figure out how to withdraw the money, I can go buy myself a candy bar.

    Let's be clear on something else.  I am also not getting famous from writing a blog.  I look at other blogs that have thousands of "followers" and "subscribers".  At the present time, I have one follower.  And it is me.  I follow myself.  I admit it.  If you look down at the bottom, right side of my blog, you can see for yourself.

    I know you are jealous.  You will probably start your own blog now.


Anonymous said...

I clicked on the add....I hope it adds a few more cents to your account. Maybe you'll get enough to buy a coke with your candy bar...heeheehee. Stacy Hammond

Anonymous said...

Well I think you are amazing and I will click the add. Now you might can go get something super cool like some on sale dishwashing liguid with a coupon or something.... I miss seeing you all but have been totally entertained this afternoon reading about your family. I saw someone's comment on facebook and popped over to this page to check out snips and snails......Tonya Criswell