Monday, September 19, 2011

Lessons I've Learned the Hard Way as a Mom.....part 2

If you haven't already learned my first ten lessons.....start here.

I literally could fill page after page with life's little lessons.  Some things in life just don't go as planned.  You just have to make the best of it and learn from it.   Read on to try to avoid some of my mistakes.

Ten Lessons I've Learned the Hard Way as a Mom

1. Roller coasters scare the dickens out of my children.

2.  Exhaustion breeds desperation.

3.  Moods change quickly.

 4. Naps are necessary

5. Boys play rough.

6.  Kids imitate what they see their parents doing.

 7. Sand in the eyes hurts.

 8. Baseball bats leave bruises.

9. Ice skating is harder than it looks.

10. Everything that seems like a good idea is not necessarily a good idea.

  I know that I still have lots of hard lessons to learn.  I fear that I will have to learn some that will break my heart.  As the boys get older, it seems that it's not their knees and elbows I worry about as much as it is their heart. 

*Girls can be mean.*
I figure this lesson will be in my near future, as well as other lessons that make a lump form in your throat.

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