Saturday, September 10, 2011

Who Dares to Challenge Me?

Imagination is not dead. I fear that our young children are losing their ability to play make-believe, but the art isn't dead yet. I see it first hand at my house every day with my boys. Many children are so caught up in video games, cell phones, computers, and television that they don't take the time to play anymore....real play. The kind of play that I did when I was a child. Thankfully, my own children still play.

I was sitting in my chair earlier today when a hand-made red and blue "sword" was put inches from my face.

"Who dares to challenge me?", says Carter.

"Not me!"

  And off he scurries making imaginary sword sounds... ching, ching, zing.....slaying his imaginary foe.

He had created his own sword using pipe cleaners and a small dowel rod.
He also made his own cape with a piece of cloth, safety pins, a stapler, and a piece of paper decorated with a super hero sign. 

He continued this battle for quite a while and I didn't notice he had disappeared, until a sword with upgrades was thrust into my face.

"Whooosh!.....I just froze you with ice! See the ice on the end of my sword?"

I am happy to live in the age of technology.  If I didn't, then I would have to chronicle all these cute things my boys do on in an old fashioned diary with a pen.  Instead, I can write about it instantly and include photos so that I will never forget.  But, I hope the age of technology doesn't kill our children's imaginations.  Life would be sad without dreams and imaginations.

Play on, Carter, play on.

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