Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mash 'Em!!!

    The National Anthem is sung.....the cheerleaders are announced.....the coin is flipped.....the teams run through the "Victory Line"....the players take the field......they line up facing each other, with a grimmace on their face.....all eyes are ready for the kick-off....the whistle blows.....a brief moment of silence when we all seem to hold our breath before the first play.....

  .....and then the little 3 year old girl next to me starts screaming...."Mash 'em....Mash 'em....Mash 'em!"

    She didn't really know the correct word to use, but "Mash Em" is a pretty good description of what good football players do.  I rather like the words "Mash 'Em" better than "tackle". 

 I want to see my kid mash your kid flat on their back. As a Mom, I really like to hear "Tucker Heptinstall with the tackle" called out over the loud speaker, because that means he did a good job mashing another Mom's son.  Too bad for you.....your kid got MASHED!

I'm sure he was about to mash somebody.

Ok, so maybe he isn't always The Masher.  He is in 7th grade and weighs 120.  He is trying to mash the snot out of kids that are 6 ft, 250 and in the 9th grade.  Sometimes, he has to be the one to get mashed.  Sometimes, some Mom on the other side of the field is happy because my kid is lying flat of his back.  That's the way it is with this game.  Sometimes you Mash 'Em, and sometimes......you get mashed.

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