Thursday, September 22, 2011

Big Heads and Glasses

   I was blog surfing today and found a blog where a Mom was listing all the things she likes.  On the list, she mentioned that she likes kids with big heads.  Someone commented that they liked kids with glasses.  You might think these are two very strange things to show preference too, but I found myself agreeing with them.  I chuckled a little wondering what would make big headed kids and kids with glasses adorable to some people.  I decided that it must wanting to root for the underdog.  I am pretty sure that I know why I adore big headed kids and kids with glasses.

     My husband was a big headed kid.  I don't remember this particularly when we were growing up. (We went to the same school.) But he swears that his head was huge.  He says that it was the same size in first grade that it is now.  He calls himself a watermelon head.  I think he was cute when he was a kid.  I think he is still cute.  But now, when I see big headed kids, I get a twinkle in my eye, because I think of my own watermelon headed husband.

   Obviously, I would love kids with glasses, because ....well....have you seen them?  A...dor...a...ble!  And also, because my middle one required glasses.  He got them when he was only 2 years old.  Apparently, he couldn't see squat-o-la. 

I remember the day he got glasses as clearly as if it was yesterday. The technician slid them on his face.

He turned and looked straight at me.

And I felt a knot in my throat the size of Texas. I thought he was adorable, but he instantly looked different. Older. I gave him a big smile, despite wanting to cry because my two year old now looked like a 4 year old.

He had been eating a pack of candy while we were waiting. Smarties. I paid my bill and as we were walking out, I held my hand out to offer him some of his Smarties. He did a little gasp and said, "Hey! I can see my 'marnies!"
    When we got outside, it was like the whole world was new to him. We spent a good half hour in the parking lot. We stepped out of the door of the office and he looked down, noticing the pebbles in the sidewalk. He bent down and touched them. Saying, "What's that?" He picked up rock after rock, examining them like he was suddenly a little scientist.

It was one of those moments I will never forget. I fell madly in love with my little glasses wearer and with every little kid I saw wearing glasses from that point forward. I still grin and my heart does a little flutter when I see a toddler in glasses.

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Anonymous said...

I remember when Chris got his glasses at around 18 mo. or so. He could finally see. He discovered that the Fisher-Price phone's eyes went up and down when you pulled it. It was great!