Sunday, September 25, 2011

Too Poor for Proper Tailgating

  Seriously?!  Who knew that only rich folks could tailgate at college games?  I didn't know.  I was shocked to learn that the average college fan was banished to do their tailgating miles away. 

   We carried the boys to their second college game yesterday to cheer for our favorite team, The Auburn Tigers.  We had such an awesome time at the first game, that we just had to do it again.

We decided that this time around, we would show the boys a whole new experience.  Tailgating.  It was an experience all right.

  We arrived at the college campus hours before kickoff.  It was nearing lunch time and we had the truck loaded down with a grill, a canopy, burgers, chairs, chips, and anything else we thought we would need for some fun tailgating.  We began driving around the campus looking for the perfect spot.  We would need a place to park the truck, a place to set up the tent, and a grassy area for the boys to throw the football.  It seemed simple enough.  Wrong.

  What we didn't realize, was that all of the area within about a mile and a half radius of the stadium is blocked off for a different kind of folks.  The kind with money.  The kind who have extra cash in their bank account.  The kind of people that have so much extra money that they can give away a bunch of it to the college.  Apparently, these folks are given a special parking card. We are not that kind of folks.  We are the kind of folks that are proud to even have scraped up enough money to buy the cheap seat tickets.  We didn't have the parking pass.

  So....we began driving farther and farther away from the stadium.  Away from the big fancy grills that probably cook without ever touching it.  Away from the ridiculously lavish RV's.  Away from the stadium.  We were looking for somewhere that didn't require the rich family mean....parking pass.  We drove.  And then we drove some more.  We looked and looked.  We drove and searched for a parking area that would accept such a lowly family as us.  We drove for an hour.   Finally, we found a collection of other fans like us.  They were set up with their tents and RV's over a mile from the stadium.  These people were like us. They were broke and just happy to have tickets into the stadium.

   After we found our rightful place.....which wasn't even within earshot or sight of the stadium, we had a wonderful time.  We dusted off our pride.  Unloaded the truck. Set up our tent and let the boys loose.  Bradley fired up the grill and the boys found a tag football game with some other kids to join into. 

 Grilled burgers. Ohh la la. Yummy to my tummy.

I love these moments with my boys and their Daddy.  They make my heart swell. 

 Here is a whole slew of kids playing tag football.  This was probably my boys favorite part of the whole tailgating deal.  We knew these kids.  They are the kids of several friends of ours.  As it turns out.... our friends are too broke to have a rich family pass, too. 

 Carter is a ham.  Bradley was trying to take my photo and Carter kept jumping in front of me.  He thought it was the funniest joke ever.
Our team won the game.  They kind of stunk and played yucky, much to our dismay, but they won.  We were all real happy about that.

 This is the happiest poor couple in the world.

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