Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lessons as a Mom I've Learned the Hard Way

  Life's lessons aren't always easy.  I am a walking encyclopedia of knowledge for things I have learned as a Mom.  I've learned a lot about my kids, about how to run a family, about keeping kids safe, about what works and what doesn't.  I have so much wisdom on life's little lessons, that I will have to teach you in sections.  This is the first installment.  You might want to take notes.

Ten Lessons I Have Learned As A Mom

1.  Kids fall often.

 2. Cabinets need locks.

3. Tucker is allergic to penicillin. 

4. Carter is too.

 5. Blue cupcakes turn poop blue.

6. Kids can lock camper doors from the inside.

7. Drums make bad gifts.

 8. Weight fluctuates.

9. Losing is hard.

10. Disney isn't always the happiest place on earth.

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Dana said...

That was awesome! Love your posts!