Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pizza Night and Pooting


 Last night was the boys most favorite meal.  It was "Make Your Own Pizza Night".  This is a meal where the boys....well...make their own pizza. We are very creative with our meal names, I know. 

We are all major pizza lovers.  We will eat and enjoy any brand of pizza, from the teensy little Tostinos kind to the big honkin' meat lovers.  They are all yummy in their own way.  The boys favorite, though, is when they get to create their own.  I give everyone their own homemade crust that I spent hours rolling out...ahem....ok, came out of a package where I only had to add half a cup of warm water, but they don't know the difference.  Then, they top their pizza with whatever they want. 

 Here are their pizzas before we baked them.....

As you can see, Tucker is a big fan of pineapple on pizza.  And, I think he ate half the can while he was fixing his.

Sawyer went the make it look like a face route.  He was very dissappointed when we took his out of the oven and his "smile" was all melted into a big blob.

 Carter named his pizza "Ham Face".  When it was time to cut his up and eat it...he used all his dramatic sound effects and said I was killing Ham Face.

We were sitting, enjoying our family meal. 

 Everyone was smiling.  Happy.  It was a nice moment.  We were discussing our day.  Answering questions from the Question Jar.  But then it happened.  Sawyer spoiled my Norman Rockwell moment and turned it into a Blazing Saddles campfire scene moment. 

Sawyer said, "May I be excused?"  Which is customary at our house when the boys finish eating their dinner.  But his pizza was still on his plate.  He had hardly eaten anything.  And we were right in the middle of a conversation.  I replied, "No.  You haven't eaten enough."  Sawyer said, "Well, if you don't excuse me, then it's gonna get disgusting real quick."  He had a sly smile on his face as he excused himself. 

He stepped barely away from the table and let one rip.


Of course, the boys thought it was hilarious. And, he had covered his bases with manners....kind asking to be excused.  So what's left to do but join in the laughing.

Read an extra snippet about one of our questions from the question jar from this meal.

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JDaniel4's Mom said...

My son loves pineapple on his pizza too.