Sunday, September 11, 2011

We remember 9/11. We honor it by playing football.

   Ten years ago today, on September 11, 2001, our world paused.  Tucker was 2 years old.  I was pregnant.  I was working that day, teaching 4th grade.  I remember when I found out, just as everyone does.  I was walking my class out to PE.  A parent stopped me in the hall and told me.  I thought he must be wrong.  It seemed unbelievable.  Stunned, I continued to walk my class outside. As soon as I returned back to the main building, I walked straight to the library, where I knew we had a television.  A few other teachers had already gathered.  We watched silently as the news showed the replay over and over of that plane hitting the tower.  Then we saw the second tower get hit.  Unbelievable.

    I remember being afraid. I was afraid for Tucker and afraid for my future children. I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to protect them from the things I feared would be happening in the coming days. When I got home from school that day, I hugged Tucker tighter than ever. I clung onto Bradley when he came home from work. I snuggled with them more than usual. I kept staring at how innocent Tucker's face looked. How cherubic his little cheeks were.  He wouldn't be able to protect himself if something bad happened.  I was afraid.

   I remember watching the news over the next few weeks.  The stories that haunted me the most were the ones that involved the children.  The children that were in that daycare in the building.  The stories of the children who were now without parents.  The children whose lives will never be the same. 
  Thankfully, the world didn't stay on pause.  It slowly started turning again.  People began to go back to work.  Back to sports.  Back to their lives.  We all began to live again, but we will never forget what happened that day.
  Today is the 10 year anniversary of that day.  It is also day.  I have the most fabulous church in the world.  My church, Fowler Springs Baptist, is the most loving church ever.  We love everyone.  Today, we especially love our military.  We sang beautiful songs today to honor the events of 9/11 and to honor our active military.  We stood and recited the pledge.  We watched a slide show that showed images from 10 years ago.  It's wonderful to be a part of that. 
   After church today, the boys were ready to play football.  They each chose a branch of the military.  Tucker was Air Force. Sawyer was Army. Carter was Navy.  They dressed up in colors to represent their branch.  They ran outside to the trampoline to play a game of "trampoline football".  This is their most favorite game in the world.  They have trampoline football seasons.  They play it almost every day. 

   My boys adore the military.  Playing army games are frequently played at our house.  The boys treat military guys like celebrities.  They even asked a group of them for their autograph once at a rest stop.  And another time, they got a couple of guys in uniform to sign a book of theirs as he was walking into Wal-Mart.  I am very proud of the fact that my boys picked good heroes.  As I sit here safe in my home today, without a care in the world, I am thankful.  I am so thankful that as I remember that horrible day 10 years ago, I am still free.  I am still safe.  My boys are still protected.  My family has grown from 3 to 5 in those ten years.  I am thankful that they can still go outside and play football and aren't in any danger.  It takes men and women serving our country for me to live the life I live.  I am thankful for them.  I will always be thankful for what they sacrifice so that we don't have to.

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