Monday, September 26, 2011

A Not So Lovable Lunch

  There is a blog that I read sometimes.  I read it so that I will feel like a lousy parent.  The blogger posts pictures of the most adorable lunches. She creates these little lunches for her children.  She calls them "Lovable Lunches". Her children must be the envy of every child at the lunch table.  I love to look at pictures of what she creates because I can't even believe someone can have their act together this much in the mornings.  If you want to visit her blog, then here is the link to Mommy Moment

 This is one of the lunches that she packed.  She even named it.  This particular lunch is called "The Frog in the Bullrushes".

This morning was one of those mornings where absolutely nothing went right.  We could NOT get our act together.  My hair looked like poop and had to be washed, which I normally do at night.
Sawyer had major issues with his contacts.  His eyes were burning.  He couldn't get them in.  I tried to help him.  We put the contacts in and out about 15 times before we finally gave up and threw them away and traded for a new pair.  No one could find socks that matched. Sawyer had a stomache ache.  I was already feeling bleak because my Nanny is in the hospital in critical care. I was trying to pack lunches and we had squat-ola to pack.  I was already running late, so I started throwing stuff in the lunchboxes.  I finished tossing random stuff inside and looked at it.  I raised my eyebrows and let out a sigh when I noticed how unlovable it was.  The whole moment was chaos.  I was not feeling the love as I was creating the lunch.  And my kids probably didn't feel the love as they were eating it. 

This is my "Not so Lovable Lunch".

Where is the fruit?  It isn't in there.  If you are looking for the veggies.  They aren't there.  Are you looking for the bone building dairy item?  Nope.  Any whole grains?  Not on this day.  Why did I only use half of a sandwich?  Because we are out of bread.  There is also no folded up napkin and no drink.  As we ran out the garage door, I told the boys to grab a gatorade to add to their already pathetic lunch.  Their reply?  "We are out of gatorades in the garage. "  Of course we are.

I hope my kids know I love them based on something other than what I chunk into their lunchbox.

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Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Hahahaha! I hope love isn't based off lunches or I'm in trouble. I've been too lazy to make my daughter any lunch lately. She just begrudgingly eats school lunch every day.

And I think the first lunch is much too beautiful to eat. :)