Tuesday, September 20, 2011

They Are Climbing the Walls!

  The kids are climbing the walls!

  I have heard that old phrase my whole life.  I always figured that it was just a metaphor for kids who were acting wild.  I suppose that sometimes it is.  But now I know....without a shadow of a doubt...that the person who coined that phrase was a Mom.  And I am pretty darn certain that it was a Mom of boys.

   Last night at bedtime, I was making my round to each of the boys bedrooms.  You know, the Goodnight, have sweet dreams.... round.  I came out of Carter's bedroom, ready to give Sawyer his nightly tuck-in, and I found him....not in bed.....but like this:

 I never even knew it was physically possible to climb walls.  This is among the bazillion things that I have learned about boys.  I actually think the movie Spiderman was based off a regular little boy. Not a boy bit by a radioactive spider.  I think a regular Mom said, "Hey, writer dude....I've got a movie idea for ya!  My boys climb the walls, just like a dadgum spider!"  Regular boys can do all the same things Spiderman does... 

Climb walls 

Jump off things
(They were jumping onto the pile of laundry.  That is a sure sign that your laundry pile has gotten out of control.)

Ok, maybe not webbing, but definitely climbing walls and jumping off things.

Sometimes, I feel frustrated just like that Mom that must have coined the phrase..."The kids are climbing the walls!". But most of the time, I just smile at my silly Spiderboys.

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